About Us

Founded in October 2008, captainsrest is dedicated to helping others learn about real living with diabetes and share their own experiences while helping me and others gain and keep excellent control of their diabetes.

My ten year anniversary of having type-1 diabetes is in 2009. I have become complacent and need to change something to gain and keep better control of my diabetes. My diagnoses came at age 22 completely out of the blue with no family history of diabetes. I have never been obese and have been working out in the gym since age 16. My doctors (there have been a few due to a few relocations over the years), who I visit every 4-6 months, have consistently said I maintain good control over my diabetes. If you knew me, you would know that I don’t settle for good. I want excellent control and consistent A1c results in the mid six range. Also, I am the creator and writer for DSA Insights, a blog dedicated to topics surrounding business analytics and data visualization.