Parents with Diabetes Biggest Fear

One of my first few posts on captainsrest  back in November was titled, Worst Diabetic Fear. In that post, I expressed that my biggest fear is that my three year old daughter (or on-the-way baby) will develop diabetes. This fear is even more heightened because she is so young. I truly can’t imagine her being on a pump or injections and having to test all day long at such a young age. Since before she was born I’ve been asking my doctor and now hers about how often she should be tested, what are the odds she may have diabetes and so on.

Just recently, she was not herself. After a few days of being “off” I started to think the worst. I thought, “She’s drinking a ton of juice and water, she’s going to the bathroom a lot and has been pretty cranky”. I got that sunken feeling in my chest and dropped my head, thinking – oh no. Please no. Don’t be right on this one Tony.

I went and grabbed my meter and brought it to the kitchen. My wife saw what I had in my hand and said, “No, you think it could be” (the word “diabetes” was never said and didn’t need to be). I replied, “There’s only one way to be sure”.

First, I checked my own “number”, which is what my daughter calls it. “Hey, daddy, what’s your number, she says”. I told her what I was doing and that it may pinch for a second, but that the pain goes away quick. Next, I said, “Now we’re going to check your number”. She got excited because it was something new and fun for her. I picked her biggest finger and was visibly shaking as I pushed the button. I was certain she was going to flip out and start screaming. To my astonishment, not even a flinch, whine, tear…nothing. She got big props from us for being a “big” girl.

Now the worst part; the five seconds that took an eternity 5…….4…….3…….2 (Tony thinking, please God let me be wrong)……..1……..ERR (just joking). The number was 98. I was so relived and let out a huge sigh. Phew.

As a parent, the fear will ALWAYS be with me until there’s a cure. It’s just another thing I need to deal with as a parent with diabetes. Until the next time I notice her going to the bathroom a little more often than normal, ciao.

Author: Andrew S. Hostetler

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